AdSense Channels Explained

Channels are a great tool for tracking the clicks and impressions on your AdSense ad units, as well as figuring out which ad placements, sizes, and even colours generate the most revenue. For the new AdSense user looking at their control panel for the first time channels can look like some kind of Voodoo, however it’s worth taking the time to understand and implement the three main channel types.

In this three part video series Google AdSense optimization specialists explain core concepts and demonstrate best practices when using channels to analyse your AdSense revenue.

1. URL Channels

In the first episode, Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo from Google HQ talks about URL channels which can help you track revenue on a specific URL or domain.

2. Custom Channels

In this episode you will learn about the three pieces of information that are the most important to you: ad size, ad location, and page content, and how to analyse this information to figure out what ad formats and placements work best for your website.

3. Targetable Channels

Learn about the two ways in which advertisers can target your website: contextual and placement targeting. You’ll also learn how to make your channels targetable by advertisers and label them with information such as size, location, and audience so the advertiser can easily find your channels and make an informed decision when choosing to target your site.

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