New Google Maps Ads

The new Google Maps ads are designed to help businesses be more visible at moments when consumers are searching online (especially on a mobile device) for somewhere to eat or shop.

In the coming weeks and months, Google will be revealing several new Maps ad formats and features that are designed to drive more foot traffic to your physical location. These include Promoted Pins (including brand logos), in-store promotions, customizable business pages, and local inventory search.

Adwords Character Limits Are Changing

Back in February Google removed right-hand side ads and optimized the search engine results page in order to tailor its display for the most popular smartphone screen sizes. On the back of this, AdWords advert lengths will increase later this year from a single 25 character headline to two x 30 character headers. Designed to give advertisers more creative space, the description line character limit will also change, increasing from the current two x 35 character lines to one x 80 character line.

Google says these improvements are essential to help advertisers capture the attention of busy mobile users as they browse through search offerings.

Early testing of the upgrades look promising with some advertisers reporting click-through rates of up to 20% more than those recorded using the current format.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a tactic that can in some cases help you bypass all that hard work. It provides you with an ‘in’ so to speak and this is how it works. You find broken links on a web page – you contact the owner and let them now that their site is pointing to non-existent content in some cases. After that, you’re in their good graces.

The Rise of Semantic Search

“Right now, semantic SEO is just a buzzword. However, at some point in the future, the term semantic SEO will disappear – because the only people left in the industry will be those who understand how to thrive on the semantic web. In practice, what this means is that Google knows that when you search for ‘highway’, in many cases, that means the same thing as ‘freeway’. When you search for ‘pop’, in some contexts that can mean ‘soda’, sometimes it has something to do with music, and sometimes it’s to do with balloons.”